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October 23, 2020 0 Comments

Mossto - Convertible heels - Style Without Limits

Convertible heels! Enjoy Style without Limits


Try One Of These Moves With Your S.O. If Your Sex Life Is In A Rut

It can be hard to keep things interesting in a serious relationship. Once those butterflies fade, it's easy for things to become a little ~meh~ during sex. But whatever your sex sitch, there's no need to worry. There are always ways to spice up your sex life! This content is imported from {embed-name}.

Stop Calling Young Black Girls "Grown." They're Kids

Last year, my Trinidadian family had a reunion at Miami's Annual Caribbean Carnival. During the early morning Jouvert celebration (a massive pre-carnival street party), as I was being splattered with paint and colored powder, I noticed a group of girls behind a nearby sound truck.



The London is a dual-toned suede bootie with a stiletto heel. The leather accents in the heel and toe add a stylistic flare to the bootie, while keeping the shoe refined and classic. Available in camel and black. Includes a pair of kitten and high heels. Ships to US and Canada.

Everything You Need to Know About 'Rebecca' Before Watching Netflix's New Adaptation

If you've ever felt that particular level of anxiety that comes with stalking your ex's new partner on the internet, you'll know what it's like to be the lead character in Netflix's Rebecca. Take that paranoia and dial it up to 10, add in death, intrigue, obsession, and a spooky housekeeper who is obsessed with reminding you how your romantic predecessor was totally better than you.

How to Manage Election Stress, According to Experts Who Know Exactly How Tough It Is

Tonight, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to go head-to-head once again after holding two separate town halls on competing networks. ( Trump refused to a virtual second debate after he tested positive for COVID-19.) If you know anything about the first debate, you know it was the most unpresidential showdown in recent memory.


The Rotterdam is a suede sling back pump with a leather strap. The shoe is a solid shade and the strap is an accent with a bold pattern. The sling back strap has a belt for a snug and comfortable fit. Includes a pair of kitten and high heels.

What Your Favorite Character From 'The Office' Says About You

The Office isn't exactly known for having relatable scenes; in fact, we love it because of just how bizarre and out there it is. But that doesn't mean there aren't some truths to be revealed by examining what your favorite Office character says about you.

My Husband And I Recreated Kim And Kanye's Instagram Couple Photos And #NailedIt

I don't obsessively follow them, and I'm not entirely sure what the former does other than be inexplicably famous in a modern day Paris Hilton-esque fashion. Yet, when the opportunity arose to drag my unwilling husband into a Kim and Kanye photo challenge, I was down because who doesn't enjoy publicly making a fool of themselves on the internet (obviously not me!)?

122 Loneliness Quotes To Make You Feel Less Alone

BluffaJo Cosmetics

All the benefits of mineral foundation * Glides on evenly with a brush for a healthy & velvety soft glow finish * Silky-light mineral...

Loneliness can hit at the most random times. You can be out with friends or waking up in the morning getting ready for your day, and then - bam! You realize you're lonely.

Your Old T-Shirt Is Totally Waiting To Be Transformed Into A Whole New Look

You know those people who somehow have the ability to turn their ratty old T-shirts into a cool new top with just a pair of scissors? You're about to become one of those people. Learning how to cut a tee that's seen better days into a top with fresh life isn't just a fun party trick, either-it's a greener alternative to trashing the shirt.

You Should Never, Ever Put Your Sneakers In The Dryer

These days, your sneakers aren't expected to just get you from point A to B-they're now supposed to do all of that work and feel like an intentional part of your outfit. It's a lot.

Our Single Mommy Initiative

A Brand that helps Single Moms Our entire company believes in making people feel great about themselves by standing out from the crowd. Unfortunately there are women in our world that work extra hard to earn just enough or less than many of us.



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